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Farmville EMS
Meet Our Staff
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Meet Our Staff
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Our staff is an important part of the success of our business.


Ronnie Copeland
Susan Copeland
Josh Hall
Tiffany Jackson
Kendall Maready
David Newton
Jessica Parker
Jane Pollock
Helen Reel
Milton Reel
Chris Silverthorne
Angie Smart
Jeff Spear
Johnette Spear
Chandler Sutton
Joy Thorpe
Lisa Winslow
Clay Womble

Paid Employees

Fred Baxter
Steve Collingwood
Josh Labeda
David Nelson
Jacob Reel
Melissa Reel
Jim Saunders
Tony Smart
Kyle Willis


Chief:                     Helen Reel
Asst. Chief:           Kyle Willis
1st Leiutenant:      Milton Reel
2nd Leiutenant:     Melissa Reel
2nd Leiutenant:     Jacob Reel
Secretary:              Kendall Maready
Finance Officer:    Mike Barnes
Training Officer:    Clay Womble
Chaplin:                  Tony Smart
Member at Large: Ronnie Copeland

Appointed Positions

Safety:                       Josh Labeda
Public Events:           Jeff Spear

Officer Positons and Appointed Positions are all VOLUNTEER.

Farmville EMS * PO Box 352 * Farmville,NC * US * 27828